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Because we do not have sex?

Women have many interesting sexuality. Sometimes we hipersexual and tigress in bed, sometimes we do not want to think of such feats and prefer to huging and watch TV.

Difficult to understand how men once we are in one extreme, sometimes to the other. Just female sexuality is deeply linked to our physical and mental condition.

What are the reasons why sometimes we are not having sex?

Accumulated fatigue. Every man is a negative fatigue. In the majority of the absolute enemy of women's sexual desire is fatigue. It reflects not only the weakness and inability to have physically active, but in a complete lack of drive. When we sleep, even the best lover is unable to rekindle the passion. Explain to the men that fatigue affects us worse sexuality even from them.

Irritation. He is angry and you're so het up him that you will not see it. But he has not taken a deep problem and began earnestly to your pressure. I find it ridiculous vanity to drag, rather than indulge in a passionate experience. Our women's desire for sex begins first in the head. That is why we must be in complete condition and want to give ourselves the favorite. When we are angry at him, this is impossible. First, we must pass this rare and can happen in bed.

Lack of diligence on his part. For no man is no secret that a woman reaches her just "mingle." Almost nobody. Unfortunately, there are individuals who do not know that before you go to the essential part, a woman needs flattery, attention and touch to bring it up to excitement. When a man consistently does nothing to excite and bring women to orgasm, desire, little by little it evaporates. The reason is simple - with just one partner does not feel pleasure from sex and have no need for us to be intimate with him because we know that we will not see anything exciting. Moreover, we begin to feel as a means to satisfy his needs as he gets what he wants and likes what we need.
Gynecological problems. Unpleasant currents, accompanied by burning and repulsive odor, cause enormous discomfort and can make a woman feel repulsive. In such situations the desire for sex is minimized because there is both physical and psychological discomfort irritation not alienate your partner. In most cases, even doctors recommend that women abstain from sex until you heal completely.

Concern. If we are completely relaxed, the desire for sex is a myth. It is particularly unfortunate if children or other relatives in the next room and I was not afraid to moan fell or may not suspect what was going on creaking bed. Other causes may have problems at work or nasty personal problem. If you feel hotly pressed by their partner, do not do it just for him and explain him that it will be nice to you because you are worried and thinking about the wrong things.

Female sexuality is the tides. It knows that any woman should not worry when you're in a period when you do not have sex. Just explain to your partner that you can at any time and he should understand. Not long after, I'll have a sex-wave. Then we will catch up on.

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Thats Big

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Hot Girls with Tattoos

Personally, I feel that tattoos on girls shouldn’t be too excessive. A small intricate design placed at the right spot is more than enough to raise her hotness levels a few notch. But that’s just me. Anyway, here are some nice girls with nice tattoos.