сряда, 24 юни 2009 г.

Bad Parents

Why The F*** Do You Have A Kid?” is a site that ventures to take a look into the strange, sparkly .gif-filled world of teen pregnancies. Just tons of high school kidz with babies who will likely end up on Maury for paternity tests anyway.

The site avoids pointing fingers and laughing at any particular economic class, social group, race or gender and does a great job of pointing out how absurd it is to bring a child into this world when you’re still very much a child yourself.

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  1. Kosmar - napravo sa postresavasti nqkoi ot snimkite

  2. takiva otka4alki ne mogat da sa roditeli....!
    NO,za sujalenie,tova e fakt !
    Mu4no mi stana za decata,na kakvi tormozi gi podlagat....!