сряда, 3 юни 2009 г.

The Most Amazing Guns in the World

A pocket watch gun made in Britain (.3 cal).

A ring-gun made in Britain in 1870 that has 7 charges (.06 cal).

A gun in a lock made in the USA in 1897 is activated by two keys.

A legendary Colt (.12 cal) with only one charge.

An odd gun from an unknown producer.

A hook-gun.

1850. Japanese inkpot-gun.

A Swiss-knife gun.

A Pipe-gun (.22 cal).

A trap-gun that can be attached to a door.

And other very strange guns…

1) Garter-gun.

2) Another Ring-Gun.

3) A gun in a lighter.

4) A gun in a key.

5) Another clock-gun.

6) Pen-gun.

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